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Get Great Eye Make-up with These Tips

The most basic thing that you need to know about the eye shadow is that it can enhance your beautiful eyes. Thus, it also means that even the most ordinary looking eyes will look glamorous. One more basic fact that you need to know about the eye shadow is that there are various kinds to choose from. Thus, the wearability and the overall effect will be affected by what you will be choosing and what your preference is. The most popular choice among the other choices is none other than the powder one. Powder is actually very easy to blend with the other shadows which mean that you will be able to easily achieve color and depth. The eye creams on the other hand need to so much attention when having them applied since they are very easy to apply. And this is actually the reason as to why they are very popular choice. In fact, gloss is another choice wherein it is easy to have them applied but rather than adding depth of color it adds shine which means that a lot of coats may be needed. To gather more awesome ideas on younique by cara, click here to get started. 

Keep in mind that prior to preparing your base you should have already done your eye make up application. This is highly recommended due to the fact that rectification of any mistake can be done easily and without smudging your foundation, the spillage on the cheeks will be dusted away easily. Applying a thick layer of loose powder under the eyes and the upper cheek bone is in fact a very popular trick among the make up artists. The reason behind this is so that the excess shadows will be caught and using a powder brush will make it easy to dust them away. Eye shadow that is in neutral colors is highly recommended if you wish to be able to create a sophisticated look. The eyes will be emphasized more if there shading is more dramatic. Keep in mind that you are creating overkill if you will be putting too much color around your eyes. The eye will look smaller and recede if you will be putting eyeliner and too much dark eye shadow. Take a look at this link www.youniquebycara.com for more info. 

You should also keep in mind that you should only be using brushes when you are applying powder eye shadows. But the brushes that you should be using should be one that has been designed specifically for this purpose alone.